Escaperoom software (trial, you can activate using a license key)

Latest stable release:
Release date: 10/28/2023

System requirements: Windows 10 (.NET 4.8 required)
Manual PDF file: Included
File type: Installer
Size: 72 Mb.

Trial limitations:
All features are available, but after 15 minutes the application closes automatically.
Purchasing the software will remove the 15 minute limitation.

Download MSI installer here.
User right-mouse button "save link as..." if your download doesn't start automatically!





Latest changes


 - BREAKING: Now requires .NET4.8 (pre-Windows 8 no longer supported,
   Win10 recommended; previous versions will remain available)

 - Added ability for external systems to trigger actions on a running ERS Server Instance
   by calling the ERS self-hosted API (see manual)
 - Added ability to do API calls to outside systems, using Action Wizard and scripts
 - Added ability to manually release license keys to better enable computer migrations
 - Installer improvements

‚ÄčView the complete changelog here.




Escaperoom software manual (PDF)

File type: .PDF file
Size: 2 Mb.

Download PDF manual here.





To ensure backward compatibility you can download previous versions below.

Recommended for computers pre-Windows 10:

Download v4.5.0.0 here. (10/27/20)
Download v4.4.0.0 here. (09/27/19)
Download v4.2.0.1 here. (12/12/18)
Download v3.4.2.0 here. (07/25/18)
Download v3.4.0.0 here. (08/22/17)
Download v3.3.0.0 here. (07/17/17)
Download v3.2.0.0 here. (06/16/17)
Download v3.1.0.0 here. (02/24/17)
Download v3.0.0.1 here. (02/08/17)
Download v2.7.0.3 here. (09/14/16)
Download v2.6.0.1 here. (08/22/16)
Download v2.5.1.0 here. (07/08/16)