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What Escaperoom Software can do for you!

Escaperoom Software can help escaperoom owners and builders in a number of ways.

New escaperooms
  Existing escaperooms
  Reduce costs

Develop a state-of-the-art escaperoom experience with advanced features.


Upgrade your existing escaperoom with more interactivity and flair.

  Reduce overhead costs by paying a fixed price per room. No recurring cost model.


What you can do with Escaperoom Software

For starters, Escaperoom Software displays a countdown timer on in-room screen(s) so your players know how much time is left in the game. But you can do so much more!

                                       An example of a room that has just started, including the game master control panel.

The game master responsible for running the game has a special control panel. From here he or she can manage the room, send messages and manually run special events. When timed events are triggered, or players in the room press a touchscreen button, the results are shown in on the screen.

Do more with ambiance
  Do more with players
  Do more with backstory 

Influence the mood and ambiance by choosing a color palette, background imagery, music and sound effects.



Send text messages, images or videos when the players need a hint. Or perhaps add a quiz to earn additional game time at a specific junction in the game.

  Weave an intricate storyline using various media, scripted sequences and timed events.



  Centralized interaction

Escaperoom Software works with a simple script editor that allows you to create your own sequences.



Create a timeline and decide when and how sequences are executed.


  Interact with dedicated external devices or applications. Connect to home automation or microcontroller-devices like Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


How to use Escaperoom Software

Escaperoom Software is a tool that is used by three types of users.

The room designer
  The game master
  The players
The room designer uses the Escaperoom Software visual editor to prepare an audiovisual experience.

This can vary from a very simple background image with a win and lose screen to a more advanced story-intense experience where events are triggered.


The game master uses Escaperoom Software to start and stop the timer, and communicate with the players in case they need a hint.

A daring game
master can tease the players more and use predefined scripted events to influence the players.


  The players in the room see a countdown timer on the in-room viewscreen. Audio and visuals will influence their stress-levels and behaviour in the room.

Perhaps some touch buttons will appear on screen that allow them to win a few extra minutes in the nick of time.



Offline solution
  Single computer setup or multiroom setup   Touch-enabled

Escaperoom Software is an offline solution and does not require internet access.



You only need at least 1 simple Windows PC or tablet to set up your room.

Or run multiple rooms from the same server computer.


  Touch-enabled screen solution. No in-room mouse or keyboard necessary.




Supported features

Escaperoom Software supports a huge amount of features. Your creativity is the limit!

Basic features:

Countdown timer
  Play movies (intro, outro, sync in-game video with timer)   Send messages
Send alert tone
  Send images, audio & video
  Room intercom
Play video file hints
  Manipulate countdown timer
  Flicker effect

Customization features:

Customize room screen layout
  Easy-to-use visual editor
  Create touchscreen buttons for actions and quizzes
Run scripts at specific time
  Game master can manually trigger events (like hints)   In-room keyboard / keypad / barcode scanner support


Advanced features:

Advanced scripting & variables
  Keep track of statistics
  Print or e-mail documents
Run external apps from scripts
  Connect with Home Automation devices (Z-Wave)   Connect with microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
Create random events
  Script function glossary
  Sample room included



Try it now!

Try Escaperoom Software today. Download the trial version and read the reference manual to get started!

  Download trial version (85 Mb)
  View reference manual
  The trial version allows for 15-minute gaming sessions and includes a sample room. Try it now!    Please check the reference manual for a more detailed overview of all features and possibiliies.